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Used for extend the float time (5~8times) of latex balloonDosage: 10-12 inches , press 1-2 times, th..
HK$48.0 HK$42.0
Mainly used in holiday decoration, can be affixed to the surface of the balloon. It has a waterproof..
Large Size Plastic BagSpecifications: 130CM (opening dimensions, width) * 150CMThickness: 3 wire (1 ..
HK$8.0 HK$3.0
Small Size Plastic BagSpecifications: 90cm (opening dimensions, width) * 100cmThickness: 3 wire (1 w..
HK$6.0 HK$2.0
Instructions: RGB LED lights to open the lid under the three batteries installed, with the remote co..
Length: 5 metersUses : balloon decoration, wedding decoration, tandem balloon..
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