18" Squly and Friends Happy Birthday - Alice Series (Floating 30 Days)

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1. Printing takes 1 working day, please order products in advance and provide the name of the protagonist

2. The name of the protagonist cannot choose other fonts

3. This product is single-sided printing

4. This balloon can float for about 30 days after being filled with helium.

Foil Balloon Features:


1. If carefully inflated and deflated the balloons,it can be used repeatedly.


2. Automatic sealing after inflated theballoon.


3. Longer floating time of Foil ballooncompare with Latex balloon.


4. Normally the balloons can be floated foraround 3-7 days.



Foil Balloon Caveats:


1. Balloon cannot float if the size below 18-incheseven filled with helium gas.


2. Foil balloons is inelastic, pleasefilling the Gas at low speed.


3. The balloons is easy to burst whenover-inflated. If you inflate the balloon by yourself, it would be better to purchaseone more for backup.


All pictures are for reference only, theremay be color difference from the actual product.