72" Super Jumbo Large Round Latex Balloon (Green)

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Introduction and Notes of Latex Balloon:

Material: Latex

Net Weight: around 32g

Size: 72 inches (around 180cm)

Description:72" Latex balloons are made of thicker rubber than regular balloons. Capicity Holds 60 cubic feet of helium. Float Time 3-5 days weather permitting


1. Computer display will appear different color from original, the picture color is for reference only.

2. Follow the specified size to fill the gas into the balloon, hyperinflation will result in burst situation.

3. Solar heat, excessive friction, tapping or sharp objects contact the surfaces will cause burst situation.

4. Mass production will have small amount of defects, we suggest purchase 5% more for backup.

5. The surface will have anti adhesion agent, we do not recommend blowing the balloon using mouth.